Jean Parry

My partner and I were struggling to sell our house as it is of the Tudor period and smaller than usual. We approached 4d designs and was delighted to have Gary on the other line, he helped me through each of my options. I left the phone call feeling relieved having possibilities.

Our main viewers were investors who saw little to no potential as our garden is also extremely small. Gary drew up a planning application to knock down our garage and increase our house by double the size.

We considered doing the extension ourselves as we loved it so much. Gary also gave us advice for a future possibility of extending into the roof. But alas, my partner and I fell in love with another property and ended up selling our house with a beautiful presentation of the planning proposal helping us gain just over £25,000 on the property.

We couldn’t be more grateful for all the help and guidance, Gary is a pleasure to work with and an inspiring young professional.