Park Town

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Our design consultation stage involves discussing your project brief, budget and exploring how we will achieve it within your local council planning parameters. We will conduct a virtual meeting where we will begin discussing your ideas and our experienced architectural designers will give our professional views on how we will work to achieve them together.

After working up an architectural brief together we will arrange a meeting where we will have a more in-depth discussion about the brief and conduct full measured building survey to gather all the information we need to take us to the next step…

Our design team will use your brief to create conceptual floor plans and elevations and depending on the scope of the project we will provide you with a 3D virtual model of the proposal.

This is where our clients start to see their vision become a reality…

We have worked alongside local councils throughout the UK, predominately around London and Essex for years and we use this experience to assure we give our clients the best opportunity for planning approval.

We will talk you through the planning process and the different application procedures. We will then prepare a package of drawings and documents to accompany the planning application particular to your project on your behalf where we will await planning consent…


At this stage we need to take the planning drawings and overlay all the relevant building regulation information, draw detailed cross sections and provide construction details to allow your vision to be buildable.

This process can seem complicated but we will take care of any details that arise…

We work alongside several engineers to determine the best fit for our client and their particular project and will ensure you gain a reasonable fee quotation. With your approval we will then appoint them on your behalf and keep them on track to deliver the right details for your project.

Our design team works alongside the engineers to ensure there is no deviation from our original design and essentially to make sure the development is structurally sound.

The construction approval process can seem intimidating. Our experienced architectural designers aim to preempt any issues by tackling them as early on as possible. We will submit our developed construction drawings to building control for review and approval.


Once all the details have been finalised, you need to make sure you choose the right person to make it happen! We can work through the process with you and help preparing suitable contractors who we believe are right for your project.

We will provide them with all the information they need to give you as accurate a price as possible to complete your project.

Once the contractor has been chosen we can advise and help you decide what contract to put in place. We recommend JCT industry standard contracts that fit your project. We will walk you through all the details to make sure everything is clear and you feel in control. 

Unfortunately a hand shake is simply not enough anymore!

To ensure everything is going to plan on site, we like to get involved during your build. Our architectural designers enjoy working alongside builders to ensure important details don’t go overlooked.

If you want an extra peace of mind knowing that our designs are developing as intended then feel free to call us to discuss what support we can provide you.